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Available at discounted prices. The Corps of Royal Engineers - find Old Comrades from the online tribute. Roll of Officers of the Corps of Royal Engineers From 1660 to 1898. Information for those considering a Commission into the Corps of Royal Engineers, both regular and reserve. Royal Engineer Officer Recruiting, Chatham, Medway. sorry to keep this thread going and for spouting out a load of bone questions, but can anybody give me an outline of the typical career progression of a royal engineer Officer? This meant that 1857 Pattern swords continued to be worn by some officers … 1K likes. The Dress Regulations of 1897 ordered Royal Engineer officers to adopt the 1895 Pattern infantry sword, but officers who possessed the 1857 were permitted to wear it until it needed replacement. similar to Django_strikes posts concerning that of an Artillery Officer. Our commando sappers are the Royal Engineer soldiers and officers who provide combat engineering solutions to the very high readiness forces of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. Royal Engineers Tie, Royal Engineers Socks, Royal Engineers Braces, Royal Engineers Watch Strap, Royal Engineers Cufflinks, Royal Engineers Blazer Badge, Royal Engineers Scarf, Royal Engineers Beret and many other regimental accessories for the Royal Corps of Engineers. Recomended Reading. December 3, 2020. royal engineers officer The official channel for videos related to the British Army's Corps of Royal Engineers. Major John Poyntz, who has died aged 82, was the final Royal Engineer to be an HM Inspecting Officer of Railways, his retirement in 2006 as Principal Inspecting Officer ending a … As of 9 July 2020 the new website for the Society is now live and from now on you should visit: The Royal Engineers Monthly List, … served as [Regimental] Warrant Officer, Class II for 2 years, 182 days?-? CONNOLLY, T.W.J. Royal Engineers Institute, Chatham, 1898. Royal Engineers Officers' Widows Society. Known as Sappers, we are unique, motivated and intelligent. 1. 2. served as [Regimental] Warrant Officer, Class I for 5 years, 207 days: 04.10.1946 : commissioned, Corps of Royal Engineers [immediate emergency commission to 31.05.1947] 01.06.1947 : short service commission royal engineers officer. served in the ranks for 14 years, 247 days - Royal Engineers?-? These include information on officers, regimental histories, letters, diary entries, personal accounts and information about actions during the Second World War. Commando sappers enable the Commando Brigade to live, move and fight. There are:1368 items tagged Royal Engineers available in our Library.

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