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We are moving right along and today is side seams and sleeves day. Isn’t this the most perfect and breeziest summer dress ever! It’s more medium weight and has a peach skin like texture to it. SEW ALONG OF THE PIPPI PINAFORE BY JENNIFER LAUREN HANDMADE *** Hello Makers and welcome to Sheer Stitchery! A Ruska knot dress by Named Clothing Howdy! Woohoo! Thanks, Diane! ( Log Out /  I’m having a hard time finding on their website, and I forgot to take a picture of the bolt for you guys- I’m so sorry!!! I made this version long (midi length) for fun. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Next Sew Along. Sew Twists and Ties: Named Ruska Knot Dress My second Sew Twists and Ties project! The spruce green really brings out my eyes. A journey towards sustainable sewing. to make the quilt:) I have already posted the "BEE PREPARED" post which details all of the supplies. Love your dresses! Thanks for the feedback on the dress length:) knowing me, I’ll end up shortening it. This pattern was a great way to ease into using this book. Thanks, Joan! Feb 20, 2018 - Hi and welcome to the next stop on the Sly Fox Fabrics Mini Capsule Blog Tour! The Knot Dress was one of the very first sewing patterns I designed for sale almost 3 years ago. I’m giving this pattern a big thumbs up! Don’t shorten it! Welcome to my blog! This little black dress here is the Ruska Knot Dress by Named. WELCOME BACK! It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I immediately went for the version with the knot in the front, LOL! This is the perfect dress to wear with flip flops or wedges. Sew pretty dresses with these FREE Dress Patterns from PrintSew. However, for the side seams the assembly is slightly different. Exclaimed my 2 year-old daughter as I emerged with my newly sewn Ruska Knot Dress. In addition to, obviously, chopping off the length, the actual Ruska Knot Dress uses two complete layers of fabric at the front, the dress, with the knot front overlay. I was in a sewing slump, but this project was quick and easy and made a beautiful bag. If you’re looking for an easy summer knit dress project- this is a really great option. ( Log Out /  The dress turned out well, especially when you consider the fabric wasn’t perfect. Thanks, Naomi! When planning this dress, I had a date night outfit in mind. It’s really beautiful and unique. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Mark where you want your knot to be, do this while the dress is on!. Their modern, pared-down vibe is so contemporary and elegant. Breaking the Pattern is all about taking their basic patterns, and ‘breaking’ them apart with variations and hacks. We actually SEW! When Named Clothing released their book, Breaking the Pattern, I could hardly wait to get my hands on it! If want to sew thriftily, ... some don't have any instructions at all while others have instructions in a magazine that you should buy to go along with the pattern itself. The book was even better than I expected. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Settle them back in … Sew along the short end making sure to backstitch. When the September issue of BurdaStyle arrived a week or so ago, this puffed sleeve sweater really caught my eye (actually, the whole issue has several fab designs…sew many ideas but sew little time). Now sew each layer, right sides together. Thanks for reading along and happy sewing! Step 1 Cut out the pattern pieces You need 2 bodice pieces, 2 skirt pieces, 2 ruffle pieces, 2 bias strips and 2 strap pieces to make this dress. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Now lets sew together the side of the dress thats still open. The under dress is fitted and cut in one piece, while the knot overlay is cut in two pieces, stitched together down the front until it reaches the ties. There really weren’t any construction challenges. Nov 19, 2018 - Breaking the Pattern: A Modern Way to Sew [Huhta, Saara, Huhta, Laura, Markkanen, Arto] on I tend to favor shorter dresses because I feel more energetic in them for some reason. Anna Dress Sewalong #6: Zipper & finishing touches Anna Dress Sewalong #5: Assembling the skirt Anna Dress Sewalong #4: Assembling the bodice Anna Dress Sewalong #3: … Thank you so much! This month, they are having a sew along for this free pattern by mesewcrazy. The edges of the tie are finished with a narrow machine hem. This is the Ruska Knot Dress from Named Clothing’s pattern book “Breaking The Pattern”. Exclaimed my 2 year-old daughter as I emerged with my newly sewn Ruska Knot Dress. Make sure to sew some reinforcement stitching to the top corners of the pocket (kids can be really hard on pockets). Test this partway through to make sure the dress fits. Next time I’ll use this technique Sewing Like Mad posted on FB to sew the ties. Yes, I read your post about your Kondo-ing:), Doesn’t it feel great? This Ruska Knot Top, like my earlier dress, is a size 6. Thanks for reviewing that book—sounds like fun. There you have it: my first projects from “Breaking the Pattern!” They won’t be my last, that’s for sure. You just sew the piping in, trim the edges and Bob’s your uncle. All the patterns are included  – – you trace the ones you like. If you’ve been on the fence about buying it, give it a look. Have you chosen the next thing you’ll make from the book? I sewed up a size 2. My day to day look includes little to no makeup, a top knot, and a simple top and pants. Keep the dress turned inside out so you're only sewing through the wrong side of the fabric. I lengthened the outer front bodice piece by 1/2″, I wanted the knot to hit slightly lower than it’s supposed to, and I lengthened the dress to hit right above my knee. I’ve sewn the Ruska Knot Dress before, so I don’t really have a lot to say about this Ruska tie-front top, construction wise.. However, for the pants and shirt cuffs you need to sew piping “in the round”. I’m loving the book too. Sew along with us as we walk you through making the Felix Dress! Guess what! 72" x 90" We are also using the. When I saw the previews I had my eye on the Ruska Knot Dress, the Solina Dress, ... the sew-along helped me enough to sew up the dress. LE PLAISIR DU FAIT-MAIN. This easy girls dress sewing tutorial includes written and video instructions. This dress looks so stylish and sooo comfortable! Dress sewing patterns for girls. The Knot Your Average Shirt and Dress Sew Along Day 4 starts NOW!!! This Free Knot Dress Pattern/tutorial Now Goes up to a Girl’s Size 10! There are so many great designs in it! I like the option of the turtle neck, sort or long sleeves and even the tunic which is a straighter shape than the knot/knit dress versions. Kimberly hit the ball out of the park! I actually like the longer one! After watching a few episodes of Marie Kondo ‘tidying up’, I’ve been ‘Kondoing’ my wardrobe. It adds just enough interest to a very basic pattern. I was so pleased with the fit. The Wildwood Sewalong Part 2 - Bodice Construction November 14, 2020. of the Sew Along Guide. I love the style of the knot dress. Ruska Long Sleeve Turtleneck from Breaking the Pattern by Named. 1. This was a very simple sew- the instructions are very concise. I’m currently very obsessed with them! Last Name . You can find my shoes under $35 here! So cute isn't it? Introducing the Felix Dress. Here’s the Knot Your Average Shirt and Dress Sew Along Day 4 Video for the NON-breastfeeding option: FOR THE BREASTFEEDING OPTION: The sleeves attachment is the same as the non-breastfeeding option. I sewed up a size 2. But you do you. Yes, this fabric is a bit thick for this dress, but I have been trying for years to re-create a stretchy velor dress I had in high school! Raise the presser foot with the needle in the down position and pivot 90 degrees. We are making the PRIM QUILT. Holly Darling May 10, 2019. dress: Named Clothing et soyez fièr(e) de vous! Breaking the Pattern: A Modern Way to Sew PRIM Sew Simple Shapes . Tie together each pair of strips. Good old Santa bringing the book for you Why not make one? Learn Design, Sewing & … I have been seeing these middle knot dresses everywhere lately. Well, apart from how high the neckline is anyway! by ellegeemakes; Posted on January 29, 2019 January 29, 2019 . This is a gorgeous dress, and a great color for summer! Email Address. Knot Your Average Shirt and Dress Sew Along Day 5. Handmade Wardrobe // Snapshots // Ruska dress at Wicked Tulips. And my newest fabric collection . I’m now counting down until Spring Break! I’m slowly getting back into more sewing and it feels so good! Using a 1/2″ seam allowance sew along the long edge, stop 1/2″ from the end. I ended up making a 46 and grading out to a 48 around the waist and hips. Be more green … We don’t get to any real sewing until tomorrow so, today, let’s look at cutting our fabulous fabric! Fast Shipping - priced right & even free at times. Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by. I found my measurements on the size chart in the book and found it accurate. The Ruska can be made as a basic dress, a tee or with a knotted tie in the front. I've rounded up a ton of fabulous resources for sewing twist, knot and tie garments. Pull the thread until you reach the knot at the end of the tail. And I have decided to offer it here for FREE. Attach the button with a hand sewing needle and thread. After I released the Montavilla Muumuu pattern in late August, Kelly Hogaboom (aka the Vegan Tailor), emailed me and let me know she wanted to make one and offered to write a sew along for me. Take your dress to a seamstress who specializes in bridal alterations. And, there’s a challenge on Instagram this month, hosted by Meg from Cookin and Craftin, Sew Twists and Ties, which I just can’t resist! Good News! I really like these tie dresses on you, but I prefer the short version. I made a top version of the knot dress and love it. I am going a little out of order from the written instructions today. I don’t own a basic black dress and wanted something that was simultaneously comfortable, simple, and sexy. This dress went together quickly, and the instructions in the book were easy to follow. CLICK HERE. This sew along below will walk you through step by step. This is the Ruska Knot Dress from Named Clothing’s pattern book “Breaking The Pattern”. Need Inspiration?Browse our Felix Pinterest Gallery before you start! What a strange, strange few weeks it's been, eh? I have a sweet new pattern to share with you today! Both dresses are fab Linda. It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I immediately went for the version with the knot in the front, LOL! Knot Shoulder Cut And Sew Dress- Dresses at SHEIN. Track Patterns you own, want and your project plans! I love the tunic and the button up shirt and the Solina dress, ah heck! You can see my earlier Ruska (and more sewing details) here. Both are great. Please note that on clicking on the title, you will be taken to the relevant website. In this sew-along you’ll learn basic pattern alterations for your Felix, tips for selecting fabric, how to assemble our unique lined bodice, setting sleeves, bias faced armholes, and more! Yes, I’m in awe of the book too and it seems like the options are endless! modern sewing patternsHere are tintofmintPATTERNS we create timeless and modern digital sewing patterns for creative Women around the worldOur collection Your makes Get inspired by others creations. Thank-you! How's your Me Made May 2019 going? The fit was good without fuss, and it felt stylish and comfortable So, I couldn’t resist trying the Ruska again with a another knit fabric. I can’t wait to make another knot bag! Perhaps I should be pleased that the knot, which is the great design feature of this dress, was exactly that, a great feature, and one that's instantly noticeable. My Ruska Knot Dress is a size 6, which is actually one size larger than the size I have sewn for the woven patterns I have made from Breaking the Pattern. It’s fairly simple to sew piping in flat, for example along the pocket. McCalls 4116. The book comes with ten patterns with two variations each and instructions on how to do more. It's so easy!!. Save 30% on your first pattern.

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